First Communion Place Cards

This idea is fun and unique because of how little work it would be to actually make them. Not to mention, guests will get the “first communion” reference!

first communion place cards

Catholics place cards before communion to remember the people who are receiving communion. The custom of having place cards goes back to the Middle Ages and is based on the practice of taking communion in remembrance of the dead.

Why do Catholics place cards before communion?

When it comes to distributing first communion cards, there are three main responsibilities that the person in charge must take into account. First and foremost, this person must be creative and think of different ways to get the word out about the event. Secondly, this person must be organized and make sure that all of the cards are ready and waiting when they are needed. Finally, this person must be discreet and not reveal too much information on the front of the card in order to protect the privacy of those receiving them.

The 3 responsibilities of the person who distributes the cards

If you’re planning on having your first communion at a church service, you’ll need to order your place cards in advance. There are many online place card vendors that will print and deliver the cards to your church for you. We’ve found two popular online place card vendors: Paper Source and MyEvent. Both offer free kits with a minimum purchase of 50 cards. You can pick up your kits at either Paper Source or MyEvent’s store locations, or have them delivered to your home. Once you have the kits, it’s time to choose the design and font for your place cards. You can go with traditional designs or create a more personalized layout by mixing and matching different fonts and patterns. To print out your place cards, simply open the PDF files in Acrobat Reader or Adobe Suite and print them on standard letter size paper. Be sure to fold the cards in half before mailing them to ensure that they arrive well intact.

How to order free first communion place card kits

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